Cancer Research Trials App

Why does cancer occur? How do we treat or prevent it?
Research is the way to answer these questions.

And now there’s an App (and a website) for that!

Download from the App Store or Google Play
or use the website version by selecting Cancer Genetics from the drop down menu

Find a Cancer Genetics Trial with this app

The ClinTrial Refer Cancer Genetics App provides access to hereditary cancer research trials, regardless of where you live.

Unlike most cancer treatment trials, you don’t usually need to live near to the research centre to be involved genetic research. For example:

  • You can answer a questionnaire online or over the phone.
  • You can provide DNA, via a blood or saliva sample, and it can be sent to the research lab thousands of kilometers away
  • You can visit a hospital in a large city once a year to participate in a screening trial

Designed to be used by patients and doctors, our App is FREE from Google Play or the App Store
It’s free for researchers too.

Read more about the App and how to use it
Listen to Dr Hilda High speaking about the app with radio host Steve Price on 2GB, recorded on September 2016.

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