Hints for using the ClinTrial Refer Cancer Genetics App

Search Screen

To see all trials, leave the fields blank.

Cancer type
Look for the medical term: colon instead of bowel.
Have a history of bowel polyps? Try under “colon cancer”.

If you’ve had testing, perhaps search for that gene
If testing turned up variant, search for “variant of uncertain significance”
Not sure? Leave this blank and search by the cancer. Or, for a list of hereditary cancer syndromes and their genes, look here.

Generally, leave this blank unless… you want to see all the trials offered by one institution.

Enrolment Type
A genetics specialist needs to enrol you in some trials. Others are happy to hear from you directly.

Generally, leave this blank. It is the company, university or research institute, that has the funding and co-ordinates the trial.

Understanding the Trial Details Screen

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