Speaking of resources, we want to conserve ours!

So, instead of reinventing everything, we’ve provided a brief summary and then provided great links for you to follow for more information.

Want to be involved in research?
For research that may suit your or your family, read more about the ClinTrial Refer Cancer Genetics app. It’s free to download and easy to use.

Want to prevent cancer by raising awareness or by donating your time or money?
Go right ahead! Donate now

Concerned about you or your family’s cancer history?
First download a Family History Questionnaire and discuss the completed form with your GP.

If needed, your GP can provide a referral to a Genetic Oncologist or a Clinical Geneticist specialising in hereditary cancer for a more detailed discussion, possible genetic testing and personalised risk reduction advice.

Familial Cancer Clinics are based in large public hospitals.  You can see a list here. While some clinics have waiting lists, most triage patients so that urgent cases can be seen quickly.  These public clinics do outreach to specific country areas where you may be seen by an on-site counsellor or by TeleHealth.

There are also private Genetic Oncology services such as Sydney Cancer Genetics.  Dr Hilda High, a founding director of The Cancer Genetics Fund, is passionate about providing equal access for rural and regional patients.  She provides bulk billed TeleHealth consults to your local GP or even in some circumstances to your home. Read more about how these TeleHealth consults work to save you time, money and stress.

Already fit the criteria for a Hereditary Cancer Syndrome?
You’ll find descriptions including the likely genetic cause, management plans and support groups for many Hereditary Cancer Syndromes here.

Perhaps a germline mutation has been found in you or your family?
Some genes, when they aren’t working properly, result in an increase in cancer risk. To read about these risks and, more importantly, how to keep you and your family healthy and safe, see our Genes page.